Why is Safety Flooring Important?

Playground falls are an all too common cause for serious injury among children.  The CDC estimates that “each year in the United States Emergency departments treat more than 200,000 children ages 14 and younger for playground related injuries (Tinsworth 2001).” The CDC explains that one important way to reduce these injuries is to install a safe, durable and fall-rated surface under and around playground equipment, according to ASTM F1292 standard.

From the latest injury statistics available, the CDC states that falls were the leading cause of traumatic brain injury (TBI).  These fall-related injuries account for 40% of all TBI’s in the Unites States that resulted in an ER visit, hospitalization or death.  These dangerous falls affect primarily young children and the elderly.  What’s more, over half of TBI’s among children were caused by falls.  Children should be able to freely explore their environment and play on fun and challenging playground structures without the risk of serious or fatal injury.

As terrifying as these statistics are, there is a solution: SafeLandings® Shock Absorbing Carpet and Flooring System products for indoor play areas. All SafeLandings products are fully compliant and meet ASTM standards, Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA)/ Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for wheelchair accessibility.

SafeLandings features the patented Resilient Fall-Rated Flooring System and the Carpet Systems, both the Installed System and the SafetyRug System to meet the requirements of different types of facilities.  With these different products to choose from, there is no excuse for indoor playgrounds to not have a long-lasting SafeLandings System installed, ensuring the safety of all children during play.

by Leia Unger


Pee Wee Bees: Playing it Safe

Pee Wee Bees is an indoor play area located in San Antonio, Texas created by Steven and Sandra Alexander. This indoor play area offers a colorful, fun and stimulating experience for young and curious children. Pee Wee Bees had the SafeLandings® Carpet System installed over four years ago, and the company has had an incredible experience with the system. Steve said that they have not had any fall-related injuries since having SafeLandings Shock Absorbing Carpet System installed.

Sandra and Steve Alexander have two children of their own. When their children were toddlers, they, like many parents, had trouble deciding what entertaining and reliably safe activities they could do with their kids. Over the years, the Alexander’s became inspired to create Pee Wee Bees; a safe and fun indoor play space for young children.

I went to Pee Wee Bees this week to take pictures of the surfacing and to speak with Steve and Sandra about their experience with SafeLandings. Once I took my shoes off and stepped foot on the system, I wanted to stand on that carpet all day. I told myself I needed to take just a few more pictures, because the carpet system felt so soft and amazing. And I’m not the only one who loves the feel of the carpet. Steve told me that they get compliments about the SafeLandings Carpet System frequently, expressing to me that “people who are new to the store get a pleasant surprise when the step on the carpet for the first time. They don’t know what to expect but they end up saying “oh wow” and being very surprised at just how comfortable and soft the SafeLandings Carpet is.”

In addition to being comfortable for the parents, the system offers a benefit even more important than comfort: safety. Steve told me that they have many toddlers come in, just learning to walk, and that when they fall there is “no problem, no crying. They just get right back up again and continue exploring.” And, since Pee Wee Bees is a fun and adventuresome place with tall play systems and slides, there are plenty of opportunities for falls. However, thanks to SafeLandings Shock Absorbing properties these play components and slides do not result in fall-related injuries. When I spoke with Steve about the fall-hazards he told me that “the kids can come off of a steep slide and they might fall forward because of the momentum but they don’t get injured at all. They get right back up and continue playing.”

Additionally, Steve and Sandra raved about the unique, patented beveled edges of the SafeLandings Carpet. Steve told me that, in addition to their effectiveness at preventing tripping hazards for the children; the beveled edges work great for grandparents who are in wheelchairs or walkers, making the transition onto the carpeted play area easy and stress-free. Steve also stated that “any spill is easily wiped up without any residual mess.” This easy clean-up prevents odors and the formation of harmful bacteria.

When I asked about how the floor system was holding up after four years, he told me that it is still like the day it was installed, without any signs of deterioration. This SafeLandings instillation in Pee Wee Bees shows just how durable, safe, comfortable AND hygienic the SafeLandings Carpet system is. With no fall-related injuries, the Carpet System allows for fun play, exploration and security, just how young children should experience their world.

-Leia Unger



Safety First

Leia Unger, a recent Trinity University graduate and author of the SafeLandingsWorldwide blog, has grant writing, marketing and social media experience. She is also a first grade teacher who is passionate about the safety of children.

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